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Map Editor

Map Editor

There’s no simpler and faster way to create a Map!

Create your own Map within a minute without any technical or graphical expert skills. Use the intuitive interface of Maps4RealEstate to setup your own customized theme, add or remove layers with a single click, add locations and markers and highlight areas. And best of all, you don’t even need to download or install any software – Maps4RealEstate works in any browser so you can login from anywhere and anytime to create, customize and download your Maps.

Over 200 layers: Choose from hundreds of layers, from streets to buildings to parks to restaurants to banks to rivers… the list is endless. Want to show your buildings in red instead of green? No problem, it takes one click.

Worldwide Maps: You can zoom in as closely as you want (building and street level) and as far away as you like (world Map), you decide precisely what is shown on the Map and what not.

Vector Export: All Maps can be downloaded in SVG (vector) file format to be further edited with other graphic programs (e.g. Illustrator, CorelDraw etc.). Maps can also be downloaded in JPG format for a “quick and easy” version.

Setup a template so that all your Maps will have a uniform, professionally looking corporate design. Your colors, your themes, your Maps!

Competitive pricing: Where else would you get a high quality vector based Map for under $15? Seriously, if you know please tell us. We offer various download and pricing plans, from a single Map to highly discounted corporate packages. We believe that a tailor made offer will suit you best so please contact us.

Customer Service: Tired of automated emails and standard replies? At Maps4RealEstate you will talk directly to a team member, no outsourcing, no standard replies. Find our contact details here.

Maps for your web and print projects

Enhance your exposés and brochures with high quality and easy to create Maps. Show locations, highlight areas, adjust the level of Map detail… the options are as numerous as your project requirements.

Start your free trial now!

Choose from various styles and customize them further based on your design requirements. Or simply start with the basic template to get familiar with the Map editor.

Video Tutorials

All features and options explained in detail

1. Basic Features

You need Maps for your web- or print products? Customized and based on your corporate design? We’ll show you how it works.

Create your own Map styles. Adjust the layers, the level of details, the colors of every element to create your very own and personalized Map.

2. Map Download

How to download a Map? How to make sure that all the layers can be edited further in graphic programs like Illustrator?

All those questions are answered in the video.

3. Import your own font style

Adding your own font style to the Maps is easy. Simply select a font style from your computer and add it to your Maps. Change the size, outline and other features and you’re good to go.


Where we are and where we have been

References I
References II


For web and print purposes, without limitation in terms of page impressions or circulation

We understand that each and every client is unique – and as such are a client’s Map requirements. Many factors have to be considered, such as number of Maps, type of use (web, print or both), Map size, number of users and so on.

While we do offer standard packages and standard Map prices we also understand that your specific needs might not be fully covered by these – so please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss in person how we can help and how we can setup a fair and practical agreement.

Maps for web use

Online maps

1,000×1,000 pixels or smaller


per Map

More than 1,000×1,000 pixels

From $20

per Map depending on actual Map size

Maps for print use

Any print media

A4, US Letter or smaller


per Map

Bigger than A4 or US Letter

From $23

per Map depending on actual Map size

The smallest package we offer are 10 Maps (we don’t sell single Maps, sorry). So, for example, if you need 15 Maps for print use in A4, US Letter or smaller size the total one-time fee will be 15 × $18 = $270.

Discounted rates

We offer discounted rates for larger Map packages. The discounted rates are as follows:

1-20 Maps No discount
21-50 Maps 5% discount
51-100 Maps 10% discount
101-200 Maps 15% discount
201+ Maps 20% discount


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