Terms of Use

Terms of Use

You have reached a service from 123map GmbH & Co. KG (123map) via a link.

The following terms of use apply to the use of this 123map service:

The use of the card index is only permitted for private, non-commercial, purposes. Use or processing for other purposes is not permitted if no 123map contracts have been made.

The user may not disassemble, translate, transfer, modify, source code or structure of the representations, data and / or services, nor create derivative works using the representations, data and / or services, if none Contracts with 123map have been completed.

Furthermore, the representation of the services or individual components or results thereof by frames or similar links on another website is inadmissible if no contracts with 123map have been concluded.

Furthermore, the user may not remove or modify any copyright notices, copyright notices, logos and other notices that are depicted in the services or otherwise contained in the data, if no contracts with 123map have been concluded for them.

No guarantee is given for the availability of the information system and for the correctness and completeness of the entries in the map directory. Furthermore, it is expressly pointed out that the map representations merely represent approximations to the reality and mistakes and inaccuracies in the maps are unavoidable.


The license is granted for end-user personal or internal use only and not for transfer, distribution or disclosure to third parties or for the benefit of a third party if no 123map contracts have been made.

Use is limited to the authorized number of parallel users, servers, subscribers or transactions, whichever is applicable.

Prohibited Activities

The operation of a service business or any other use involving the processing of data of other persons or entities.

Transferring the title or any other title to the Licensed Product to the End User or to any third party; if no contracts with 123map have been completed.

Deriving / deriving the structure of the Licensed Product or attempting it.

Use, duplication (except for a single archive copy), reproduction, disclosure, publication, distribution or transfer of the Licensed Product other than as expressly agreed.

Eliminate or cover any text regarding copyright, trademark, or other restrictions if no 123map contracts have been made.

Modification or creation of a derivative, derivative work of the Licensed Product, if no 123map contracts have been made.

Creating a derivative product that competes with the Licensed Products.

The extraction of map data in any digital, vector-based form if no contracts with 123map have been made.

German law applies.

Copyright Notices

The following copyright applies to the map service for all products under the “produced work” clause according to ODbL1.0 :

© 123map; Data: OpenStreetMap; License ODbL

For all data that does not fall under the “produced work” clause of the ODbL, the following note is required:

© OpenStreetMap; License ODbL


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